Backend/ML developer

Our team develops infrastructure for new services in E-commerce, LegalTech, and SaaS based on modern NLP technologies.

We are looking for a talented backend developer that will strengthen our team in the following projects:

• Automatic promotion of goods in E-commerce marketplaces. We know a lot about how search and advertising work and create automatic promotion and sales strategies based on that knowledge

• LegalTech. We’re developing an ML-based service for lawyers to help them analyze complex legal documents and mitigate risks

• SaaS for training neural networks

In addition, we’re gathering a team to develop a common infrastructure for all current and future products, create new features, build data preparation and processing pipelines, and integrate them into our in-house ML services. Interest and practical experience in machine learning are highly welcome. In each project, there are both people who specialize in ML and people who specialize in engineering tasks, but the division is conditional, you can start with engineering tasks and gradually immerse yourself in ML. We are also quite autonomous, free to choose technologies, including open-source and third-party clouds, but at the same time we can use in-house technologies and expertise that are difficult to outsource.

  • Participate in developing and launching products
  • Design APIs and build data preparation pipelines
  • Launch SOTA natural language processing models into production
  • Use both our internal infrastructure and third-party cloud services
  • You love to and know how to write code that is easy to read, maintain and develop
  • You have worked with large amounts of data and are familiar with the MapReduce paradigm
  • You know Python well
Send your CV along with cover letter to: