Backend developer

RCMX is changing the user experience in online shopping and offers a completely different way of looking at it to both sellers and buyers.

Together with the service development team, you will:
  • Move forward as a startup that’s being launched simultaneously on several continents
  • Learn how to bury yesterday's code if the feature didn’t take off and quickly switch to the next one
  • Put together an MVP and have a basic understanding of related areas (analytics, DevOps, ML)
  • Design and build a microservice architecture taking into account unpredictable load growth
  • Deploy services in third-party and in-house clouds
  • Connect and train in-house services(SaaS, DJ, YT, Ch, and more)
  • Develop a back-office for clients, partners, and agents
  • Rotate trees and solve algorithmic puzzles
  • Experiment a lot and make mistakes
Send your CV along with cover letter to: